Surf in Baler, Philippines

Length of Stay: 3 days

Budget: Php 5,000 (if you will be with more friends, and cook your own food it can be cheaper!)

In celebration of the recent International Surfing day, here’s one of the good surf places in the Philippines: Baler!

It’s a 6-7 hour drive from Manila, one of the closest spots up North from the city. If you’re a weekend warrior you can go to Baler or Zambales. They say we also have a few spots in Batangas which is down South, but I haven’t tried.

Where to stay:

1. Aliya Surf Camp – It’s by the beach, has it’s own restaurant and pool. They also have good surf instructors.  Most competitions and parties are also hosted by Aliya.

2. Mahdox Backdoor Villa – If you are going in big groups, this is a good place. It’s a 5-10min walk to the beach but you can cook your own food and they have a nice lounge area where you and your friends can just chill after playing.

Where to eat:

Cooking your own food is still the cheapest way but you can try:

1. Surfer Grill – Bulalo or Liempo BBQ


Surfer Grill menu

2. Bay-ler View Hotel’s Chocnut Turon – fried chocolate and banana with ice cream on top

chocnut turon bayler view

3. Shakes Bar – just beside Bay-ler View. They offer meals and snacks.

Skate and Surf Baler

What to do:

Surf and Eat!

Surf lesson is around Php 400 with instructor and board

Board rental per hour is around Php 200

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset too!

I’ve yet to explore the other spots in Baler. Let me know if you have additional tips.

Also, try this link to give you more ideas about Baler!

Till the next time!


My excuse for this trip? Work was a bummer. It’s the weekend!

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