Macau, City of Dreams

Macau’s known to be Asia’s Las Vegas because of it’s casinos and world-class entertainment. This is true but it also offers a rich history which you will discover while trying their street food or by just roaming the streets.

But the highlight of this trip will be the Taboo performance I watched (alone by the way) in City of Dreams!

First, where to eat? Go where the locals go!


Lord Stow vs Margaret’s Cafe e Nata – I prefer Margaret’s!


Hot Pot of Streetfood!


I didn’t know where to eat, but I saw a long line of locals in this restaurant. So I jumped right in. Noodles + Juice!


I just had to try a Portuguese -inspired meal from Boa Mesa which is just around the corner of Senado Square.

Steak and Sardines!

What to see?

IMG_0434The famous St. Paul’s Ruins. It also has a museum at the back and beside it.


Start with Senado Square and from there you can find all the tourist spots just by walking around the area!






Don’t forget to visit the Macau Museum and see how it has changed or not changed through the years.

Go Casino hopping! Aside from being a famous Casino, Venetian Macau is well known for recreating Venice inside its mall. You can ride the Gondola and watch on-the-spot performances!



And finally, I visited City of Dreams and bought myself a ticket to one of their shows. Taboo is  “A Playful Cabaret Experience featuring spectacular new performers and provocative acts.” They don’t allow professional cameras inside but phones will do. You will be assigned in one sit, where you might sit with other people or you can book the whole table which can be quite expensive. If you want to see how they offer world class shows, try watching one!




It was a once in a lifetime experience. Definitely a good one!


My excuse for this trip? Aside from working during the weekends, I just wanted to see “a world class show”.


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