Photowalking in Georgetown, Penang Malaysia

Georgetown, Penang Malaysia is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site because of the preserved Chinese style colonial houses as well as street art around the area. This makes it a haven for photowalking and food tripping!
Now, let’s get down to business, what/where to eat? I have to admit at first I was scared that my stomach won’t be able to adjust to the taste of the local food but I learned don’t judge the food by how it looks! It was definitely a gastronomic adventure.
If you want to make sure you get access to top local good food always ask the locals!
This is the top recommendation: Line Clear, a family-owned eatery just by an alley.
line clear
Try the Roti Canai breakfast with curry!
(They have different kinds of “Canai” by the way.)
Or get the toasted bread with local jam and butter topped with soft boiled eggs.
roti breakfast
If you’re up for snacks, you can visit the market and
try the thin pancakes with sugar and nuts inside and thin cookies!
Food, check! Now, you can start your photowalking!
Don’t forget to get a map when you arrive at the airport or you can ask the hotel.
This will help you find the murals and street art.

List of things I liked capturing:
1. The locals – just be careful though, some are quite hesitant
2. The houses – You will notice they have the same architecture with 1 door at the center and 1 window on both sides but it has different design and feel so the houses look almost the same but not quite.
3. The murals and street art. Take time to read the text because it will tell you interesting trivia about the history of Georgetown!
My excuse for this trip? It’s a free photography workshop!
Click the photo to enlarge and enjoy! 🙂

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