Birthday Surf in San Felipe, Zambales

Welcome to my second home. This is not where I had my first surf lesson but it’s definitely where I learned to stand up on my own, catch my own wave, and paddle real hard (and still learning to paddle harder haha!).


The area is made up of nipa huts that cost around Php 800 per night and is  a 5 minute walk to the beach where you can surf all day (depending on the season of course). There are food establishments around the area but we recommend you cook your own food.


A few things to remember if you wish to stay in the area:

  1. Toilet is communal, and it’s not that bad.
  2. A good bed is a space where you can lie down and sleep for the night – it can be a tent, a bunk bed, a hammock under a nipa hut, or a nipa hut with a fan. In any case, don’t expect it to be like a luxury resort.
  3. Wifi and Telcom signal is not that strong, and TV is not popular – get out and talk to people.
  4. Bonfire is available when it’s not raining. You can either do it yourself or ask your host.
  5. Respect the locals.
  6. Bring insect repellant!
  7. Make friends.


Surf season is December to March, but waves come in and out starting June! In any case, you can also do skim boarding.

Because the current in LiwLiwa was so strong last weekend we decided to try another spot in Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales. It was just 20-30 mins away from where we were staying.


A few things to remember in this area:

  1. It’s beach break. Be careful not to step on the big rocks when you fall/land near the shore.
  2. If you’re a beginner watch out for the PROS and make sure you don’t hit the other surfers.
  3. You will need to walk around 5-10 mins from parking to the surf spot.

Other notes:

  1. 1 hour surf lesson starts at Php 400.
  2. 1 hour board rental starts at Php 200.Half day will cost Php 400.

There was one time, after surfing we decided to visit one of the waterfalls in the area. There is no name to it, when we asked the locals. It’s a 20-30  min trekking near the mountains. You can swim and cliff dive if you want to.


zambales waterfalls

But another favorite past time in this area will be watching the sunset by the beach. The color of the sky changes depending on the weather. You’ll definitely love it. Try paddling out and watch the sun set in the middle of the ocean. It’s breathtaking.


sunset in liwliwa

We all have that sacred space that we will always come back to. It will always be the space where we feel the safest and I’m sharing that space with you. Go catch your own wave! Cheers!


My excuse for this trip?  It’s my birthday!


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