Surf-dreaming and Island Camping in Daet, Philippines

This is definitely one of those days that I just spent the day mind-surfing. I can’t wait for the next trip but for now, let me share with you one of the best surf/road trips I had last year. Daet is a 12 hour ride from Manila, but you can also take a plane and then take a 2-3 hour bus ride from there. Imagine all the eating and sleeping we did to make sure we didn’t get bored. I wasn’t driving, thank God!

When we got there, there were no waves not until the third or fourth day! The forecast failed us. So the local surfers (Thank you Ate Mocha!) invited us to do some activities like biking in the morning and then an overnight island camping in Calaguas island. It sounded like a good plan!


The island camping cost us Php 2,500 inclusive of  food, tent, boat transfers, and a party at night! If you’re lucky there are also phytoplanktons in the beach, so you can see the water glowing while night swimming. Unfortunately, there were no phytoplanktons for the night!




There were no waves in the island and no signal too so if you’re into solidarity and maybe “soul-searching” this is a good place! We ended up playing, paddling and balancing on the boards.


When we got back from the island to our surprise our little boat cannot dock because of the waves! We were so happy we were able to play before going home! This is where I TRIED to catch my own baby wave and experienced my first “washing machine”!


Where to stay and eat?

Accommodations are relatively cheap. It can go as low as Php 550 per night (based from what we saw).

1. The new backpackers room


2. Our personal favorite – Bagasbas Surfer’s Dine Inn. We also loved their food!

sufer's dine in

I miss ate Mocha and the rest of the gang! 🙂


My excuse for this trip? It’s a surf trip, who needs an excuse!


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