Travelling is a test of “any-ship”: Temple Running in Cambodia

When you catch the travel bug, your initial reaction is to share it with others. I immediately called my friend and forced her to book a trip to Cambodia.

As usual, we booked via AirBnB. If you want a place near the Pub Street and the market, search for Angkor River Guesthouse. It’s not much but it has decent rooms, breakfast and service. They can hook you up for tours for a relatively cheaper price.

Temple Tour and Stalking the Monks:

You can choose to take 1 or 3-day tour but we bargained and got a 2-day tour. Our favorite is the Ta Keo Temple because you really have to climb steep stairs but when you reach the top it’s breathtaking. My second favorite is Angkor Wat.


This is one of the last temples we visited.


Ta Phrom, where Tomb Raider was shot


Baylon – one of the most beautiful ruins


You can tour around via an elephant!


Monks praying at 5am in front of Angkor Wat


I am very much fascinated with monks so everytime I see one I end up staring at them or following them. A bit creepy I know. We asked our tuktuk driver if he knows any temple with monks. He gladly took us to a place called Pagoda where male and female monks gather to eat and pray.

That’s the thing when you travel, you get to know the place better by talking to the locals. They like it when you try to speak their language and when you ask about their history.

Even if the war is over, there are still land mines waiting to be discovered in this place. People still clamor for more freedom, for more rights. Our tuktuk driver said that some people used to live in those temples but they were asked to leave and some of them don’t know where to go or find food to eat. The monks help them by sharing their food and by teaching those that are located in the outskirts.

Pub Street and the Market

When we got back to the center, of course what else to do but to chill in the famous Pub Street. There are a variety of restaurants to choose from to satisfy your palate. You can get a beer from Angkor What? for 1USD. You can also find areas to get a massage and fish spa!



We checked out the market for some cheap bargains from clothes to food! My favorite was the tea section!




But if there’s something more important that I learned from this trip it will be:

1. Travelling can reveal so much about you and whoever you are with.

2. When one of you is hungry, you need to find a compromise and please for the love of God, act on it immediately. Imagine if you’re both hungry and you’ve been in three temples already.

3. There is an amount of trust needed when you travel with someone.

4. As much as solo traveling is great, You learn the fun in compromising when you travel in pair/group.

5. You help expand each other’s comfort zone in a really funny way.

6. Most importantly, One of you can ask help to fix the water pump when you are stuck in the toilet. haha!



My excuse for this trip? After Bali, i got so hooked in visiting temples. I wanted to see more of it.

*you can find more photos in travelanyway tumblr!


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