Learning to trust upside-down

A few years ago during the Global Mala (which happens every year around September), I attended my first class of acroyoga with Chris and Lisa (who also established Acroyoga Manila). From the list of classes that I attended, this one particularly caught my attention for the main reason that it involves more than one person trying to fly each other.


1. There are 3 roles in an Acroyoga practice:

a. The Base – who is in contact with the ground

b. The Flyer – who is being carried by the base

c. The Spotter- who supports both the flyer and base

2. Acroyoga is a combination of acrobatics, yoga, and massage. 

3. Anyone can do acroyoga. You can attend one even without a partner! I tried it during the Global Mala and met new friends.

4. Size does not matter. Even if I’m small I was able to do Base for someone way bigger and taller than me!

During my last retreat in Palawan with Flow Retreats, Paul Verchere, a certified yoga instructor, taught us a few moves and gave us a free Acroyoga massage. You see, aside from the physical wellness it brings, it also teaches you a few points that you can bring outside the pose. Let me share with you some of mine.
1. Trust is a popular concept in Acroyoga. You need to trust yourself and your partner that you have each other no matter what happens.


2. Let go and let it flow. There will be times you don’t have visibility of the big picture but your partner does.


3. You might be spinning from one side to another with your arms and legs clasped together. The only thing you can do is breathe and try not to be too damn heavy.


4. Before you know it, you’re hanging upside down. And it actually feels good.


5. Listen and Communicate. This requires you to listen to each other both in words and in body language. Once you get a hang of it, without even touching the ground you can change from one pose to another.


6. Carry your weight and always move with kindness.


7. Surrender to the pose. If you control it too much, your partner will feel it as well and it’s harder to move.


8. Bending is okay.


9. No matter the view, whether up or down, don’t forget to bend and pray.


If you’re around the area, I hear Acroyoga Manila welcomes anyone who wants to try it! Visit Acroyoga Manila! See you!


Thank you Paul! I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the poses. Haha!


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  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing.

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