Layover, the Capsule Container

Working in an airline introduced me to the idea of backpacking, country-hopping, and layovers.

My first layover experience was when I took Manila-Kuala Lumpur-Bali flight last 2012. We (together with my 2 siblings) stayed in the LCCT airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 6 hours to wait for the next flight. We parked our bags in Coffee Bean and waited there. Layovers aren’t that bad, if you are expecting it anyway.

My second experience was during my last trip to thailand, going back to the Philippines. We had to stop over KLIA2 (a fairly good airport mall actually with a variety of choices) for around 6 hours (overnight) and we needed a place to sleep. We had two options, find a vacant space in KLIA2 and sleep literally anywhere there or try the Capsule by Container Hotel which is also inside the airport. We chose the latter.

Capsule by Container Hotel – Located in the Ground floor of KLIA2, Malaysia.


I was able to get a brochure with the rates. (subject to change without prior notice)

Single Size Bed – 3hrs (RM55) ; 6hrs (RM80) ; 12hrs (RM100)

Queen Size Bed- 3 hrs (RM110) ; 6 hrs (RM160) ; 12hrs (RM200)

For Day Sleeper Rate (8am-4pm):

Single: 3hrs (RM45); 6hrs (RM65) ; 12hrs (RM85)

Queen: 3hrs (RM90); 6hrs (RM130) ; 12hrs (RM170)

It comes with a towel and toilet kit. You need to return your towel and room card to get back your deposit.

So the verdict:

It’s not a bad choice if you really need a comfortable place to sleep in. You won’t feel as tired especially if you’re going straight to the office after your next flight or you still have a long journey ahead of you. The bed is actually comfortable. I was able to sleep well for 4 hours. If you are near the amenities area (shower and exit doors) you might be disturbed by people walking pass your cabin every now and then.

The Room: You have your own bottle of water, foldable desk, mirror, and phone.


The Amenities:

The toilet is clean. Enough said.




Other things to note:

  1. Male and Female rooms are separated.
  2. They have on-the go services like shower and locker rentals.

So the next time you need a place to sleep in during a layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, try this one out!

Other options: Sama-Sama Hotel and Tunes Hotel


My excuse for this trip? This was after the yoga retreat in Thailand. It was an overnight layover and I needed a place to sleep and shower before the next flight.

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