Davao Food Trip

Aside from attending the Kadayawan Festival, we were able to go around and check out local Davao restaurants!

Balik Bukid

Top of my list is Balik Bukid. It means to go back to your roots/ back to basics. The restaurant’s made up of recycled items and the menu also offers organic food and traditional cuisines.

You can find the menu inside a box of snakes and ladders while the tables are made up of old doors! Prices range from Php150 to Php 300. I’ll say it’s good for two people already.

Balik Bukid Farm Salad and Classic BBQ Kostilyas are my favorites!








Backyard Burgers

Local burger store! Prices ranging from Php 150 – Php 300. I tried the Bacon cheeseburger. Definitely a must try in Davao!


Saging Repablik

Everything about bananas! Favorite will be the chips with dip and the Banana Torte Cake! Prices are less than Php300.


saging republik


Looking for affordable chicken and unlimited rice? Look for Penong’s! Just clap your hands twice to order. Prices range from Php 100 – Php 200




My favorite dessert place in Davao. Try their assorted brownies and also the layered cakes. If you want to eat here make sure you do a reservation or go there early since there’s always a lot of people. Prices range from Php 100- Php300



White House

Japanese cuisine and fine dining but still affordable; Prices range from Php 200-500

whitehouse food

white house


Other restaurants to try:

  1. Yellow fin – Try their seafood platter
  2. Annie Pie – for the Cinnamons
  3. Tiny Kitchen – For their desserts especially the Red Velvet cheesecake!

Happy food tripping!

P.S my excuse? It’s for work. 😀

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