The Best Cure starts with an S – Surf. Sea. Sun

Staying in the city for too long can make you crazy, so I booked a trip to the island without a plan or a buddy. I’ve traveled alone for work but never for a vacation so this was definitely a first – first solo vacation and first solo surf trip. And I enjoyed it!

I’m going to stop blabbing now and start giving you the details.

Siargao is a teardrop shaped-island in Mindanao, southeast of Manila. It’s known for its mangrove area, amazing islands, and surf spots.

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

How to get there

Fly from Manila to Cebu (at least 1 hour), then Cebu to Siargao (at least 1 hour).

Other options are flying from Manila to Cebu to Siargao, then a boat ride to the island or flying from Manila to Butuan, then taking a bus to Surigao, and then a boat to Siargao Island.

I did the first option to save time and energy. Total Airfare: Php 5,455.76

Airport pick up and Transfer c/o Kermit Surf Resort: Php 300 per way. Total Airport Transfer: Php 600

Where to stay and eat

I stayed in Kermit Surf Resort for 5 days and got the Surfer’s hut (Fan Room) with breakfast.  Total Accommodation: Php 3,960

Even without aircon, the hut was really cozy and cold at night. I even have my own toilet!




I confess, I didn’t eat anywhere else because the food is just too good in Kermit Restaurant. Please do not forget to try their pizza! Total Food Cost: Php 4,000. I know I could have saved on this. I’ll do that next time.IMG_6235

You will also meet their cute fat dog Mo! Occasionally, she will scratch you and ask for food.


To go around the island, you can either rent a bicyle or a motorcycle, or hire a habal-habal to drive you around.

Habal Habal Ride to the beach

What to do in Siargao

Surf! Surf! Surf!

I wasn’t able to get surf photos because I was busy trying to get out of the way of big waves! Surfing is not surfing without successfully paddling especially when there’s a current. I wish I hired someone to take a photo though for souvenir.

Surf guide / hour: Php 300 

Board Rental/ hour: Php 200

I should have brought my board but Cebu Pacific customer service said I can’t. When I got there, the locals told me I can just treat it as a baggage allowance. So next time, that’s what I’ll do.

Here’s Cloud 9 when it’s low tide.



Good thing I went with Valentina and Sandro, I was able to check out other spots namely, Hawaiin Jack and Daku Island. We had to take a boat to the middle ocean ( a few minutes away from shore) to get to the surf spots. Thank you to Babal who guided and pushed me to get the good waves. We surfed till sunset!


Magpunpungko Rock Pool

It’s a 45-min drive by Habal-Habal (You rent a motorcycle, or ask someone to drive it for you). It can go as low as Php700. It’s a good thing I was adopted by two lovely ladies – Mayen and Yeni so I shared the habal habal with them! Total Cost of habal-habal per person: Php 233 

Entrance fee Php 50.00 per person

You can only swim here during low tide so make sure you check the schedule first. Thank you to the little boy who took my photos.





Island Hopping- 

We shared the budget with a few other people so it cost Php 750 each with lunch!

First Stop: Naked Island. Literally there’s nothing on the island but sand and small make-do hut in the middle.



Second Stop: Daku Island which means the big island. We stopped here for lunch. A few minutes away is the Daku surf spot. I didn’t bring a board so I just watched the others catch some waves.



Last but not the least, Guyam Island



The crew I went Island Hopping with. Photo by Yeni


Other things you can do, especially at night:

  1. Go to Jungle Disco every Tuesday and Friday
  2. Go to Pagoda Beach Bar – I tried this during full moon.


It was an amazing 5 days and I never wanted to leave!

Thank you for making the experience worthwhile:

Kermit Surf – your staff is amazing!

Ariane, Valentina, Sandro, Louis, Sara, Anne, Marlo, Babal, and James!

And to Mayen and Yeni for adopting me haha!

P.S My excuse for this trip? I needed to go back to surfing.

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