Take me to Tokyo!

Found my photos from my trip to Japan last 2012. Enjoy!

If you like the city, the tokyo districts will take your heart away:

 ShinjukuShopping in Shinjuku

Shinjuku Red Light District


Shibuya District



Walk around, get lost in their efficient subway system!

waiting for the train

Toyota Automobile Museumtumblr_lzzkh9fAiU1roucvlo1_1280

Yoyogi Park

yoyogi park

Harajuku Station

train station

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple

Odaiba Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge

Odaiba bridge

Mount Fuji! First time to experience Snow!

Mt Fuji

Lake Ashi

Lake Ashi

Remember when in Japan, keep left

keep to your left

Odaiba Mall

inside odaiba mall

If you want to see the young in their most fashionable attires, go here!


The food, even those you can buy in their convenience stores tasted like gourmet!

Maisen Restaurant, Best Tonkatsu in town

tonkatsu maisen

  We ate in Pepper Lunch after the Shibuya crossing, to be fair it tasted the same as the one in the Philippines

pepper lunch

Formal Lunch in Lake Ashi Restaurant

Japanese Lunch

Time for some fastfood, Mo’s Burger

mos burger meal

Komoro Soba

komoro soba

authentic katsudon

7-Eleven favorites for breakfast

Japan discoveries

 Authentic Japanese lunch somewhere in the streets of Ikebukuro. It was so authentic the staff only speaks Japaneseauthentic japanese restaurant

tonkatsu bento

Of course, last but not the least- the people! They dress so good, we can’t stopped taking their photos!!!

Here I am with my “aunties”




people 17


That’s it!

Still planning for my next trip to the cold west!

P.S My excuse for this trip? Well, it was a company trip


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