Dear Yogi, kindly yoga off me

Dear Yogi,

It’s time to close your eyes and find your center. Breathe.

Breathe through your emotions, your deadlines, your problems. Just breathe.

Breathe when it is easy. Breathe more when it is hard.

Breathe when it feels satisfying. Breathe more when it hurts.

Breathe when it is simple. Breathe more when it is complicated.

Breathe when it is clear. Breathe more when it is confusing.

Just breathe. Know that there’s plenty to come around, if you just inhale and exhale.

Allow it to happen without judgement. Feel through it and watch how it changes your heart.

Do despite the fear, know that as long as you can breathe, there is a way.

Believe despite the uncertainty and doubts, know as long as you can breathe, there are answers.

Be grateful despite how messy, unfair, complicated, selfish, and excruciatingly fucked up things can be, know as long as you have something to be thankful for, there’s still goodness in this world.

More than the poses you learn and the ability to listen to your body, whatever you do on the mat is a preparation for what you have to face off the mat.

And when you are tired, bruised and can’t breathe. Rest. It is okay to rest.

Come back to your child’s pose. Come back to your center.  Try to breathe again.

Remember you are full of light and love and everyone you meet is full of it too.

Remember to let go of what no longer serves you.

Remember to always come from love. Be gentle.

Remember to breathe. You are infinite.


Your Mat

Photo credit: I took a photo of one of the paints in Phuket Thailand

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