Pit Senor! Sinulog 2016

Sinulog, held every 3rd Sunday of January, is a dance celebration of both the Filipino’s pagan past and recognition of Christianity. It is one of the most popular festivals in the Philippines. Locals and foreigners from all over the globe visit Cebu, the Queen City of the South to experience this week long celebration.


This is actually my 3rd time to attend and it still never fails to amuse me. During Sinulog there are a lot of festivities like cultural shows, pageants, band concerts, dance music festivals, Sto. Nino procession, the Sinulog Grand Parade, and of course the street party! You can check out the Sinulog official page to get updates.

Here are some tips to help you survive your Sinulog trip!


  • Book your flight and accommodation as early as 3months before your trip to get the good rates and good hotels/inns.
  • Check the schedule of activities so you have an idea where to go and what to do.
  • It’s ideal to fly in on a Friday and leave on a Monday or Tuesday.

Sinulog Weekend:

  • Lifedance, one of the biggest music festivals in Cebu during Sinulog, happens every Friday of the Sinulog weekend. If you want to experience EDM party in Cebu, go and attend this.
  • During your free time, you can visit downtown and go for a historical tour. You can see in this area the Sto. Nino Church and the Magellan’s Cross. If you still have time, a few minutes away is the Fort of San Pedro. Sto. Nino Church is the oldest Roman Catholic church established in the Philippines while the Magellan’s Cross is believed to be planted by the Portuguese and Spanish explorers led by Ferdinand Magellan when they arrived in Cebu in 1500s.



  • You can also take your time to see the guitar shops (Php 800- 1500) and also the Tabo-an market where you can buy “pasalubong” (dried fish/squid) for your family and friends.


  • Every Saturday, they have the Sto. Nino procession. This is the only time they take out the original Sto. Nino (believed to be given by the Spaniards) for the devotees to see.


  • On Sunday, you can watch the float parade from different sponsors and performance contest where groups, armed with colorful and creative costumes and choreography from different areas compete with each other.







  • In the afternoon, enjoy the street parties everywhere! Get ready to be painted and get happy drunk! My personal favorite is the Century Plaza area but if you want a wilder experience, visit the Baseline if you dare!


Some Travel Tips:

  • Pit Senor – means plead to the king. Almost everyone greets everyone with this during Sinulog!
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or anything expensive especially during the parties!
  • Make sure your phone/camera is waterproof-ready!
  • Wear comfortable shoes (ideally not slippers) and clothes.

Enjoy! Pit Senor! Prrtt!

My excuse for this trip? Work & Play! 🙂

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