Travel & Love musings

CAUTION: a lot of babbling & incoherent thoughts caused by indecisiveness and a sinking feeling that the heart is slowly breaking.

Finding love, falling in love, or however you want to describe your search for love, is like traveling. The best part is planning. Sitting down for hours,days or weeks researching where to go, where to stay, what to do,eat, and see, how long you’re going to stay and what you plan to take home. Almost like how we go through the gory details when we set our expectations for love. And if we want to be really sure, we even go down  that lane of doing a powerpoint presentation with photos and maybe with option A and option B. Who knows, right?

When you get to your destination it will never be how you expected it to be. That temple is way too far from your AirBnb hostel. The museum is  closed forever. The 5km walk from the beach is in reality a 30 min walk. Your 3 day itineray is really 5 days worth. But then, there’s that beautiful waterfalls just near your hostel. The locals that go out of their way to show you the best food places and best surf spots. The new friends who will help you look for the jungle disco and maybe the nice cafe right in front of your hostel.

Like traveling, searching for love puts you in a very similar position. Love has a bigger nose than you imagined. Love fits you perfectly except  it’s emotionally unavailable. Love is not here with you because it needs to be somewhere else. Love has a family. Love is not ready yet. Then, sometimes when the universe hits you right, Love surprises you with a movie and dinner date. Love gives you the last piece of its favorite food. Love does the errands for you and your family. Love chooses you. Love stays.

And in any travel, the saddest part is not when it’s time to go. It’s actually the few days or hours before you do. Time to say your goodbyes. Enough said.

Travel teaches us to live in moments. To appreciate what is. Just like love, it reminds us that there’s always a time for everything, including letting go.


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