First time Camper in Nagsasa, Zambales

A few weeks ago, I went camping with my sisters and a few friends in our favorite surf spot in Zambales, only this time we didn’t surf. Instead, we went island hopping, camping, and trekking. The trip was just a quick break from our hectic work schedule but we left with a mission in mind. This is the trip that made me decide that I want to do eco-tourism programs.

For now, here are a few travel tips for those who want to go camping in Nagsasa Zambales!

We found an all-in voucher in Metrodeal for only Php999 (per pax) inclusive of boat rental, island hopping, overnight tent with breakfast & lunch. Not bad, after all most of us were newbie/wannabe “campers”.

How to go there?

5-6 hour drive from Manila (EDSA-NLEX-SCTEX-SUBIC-ZAMBALES)

Meeting place in Pundaquit at 8:30am with the travel agency representative so she/he can endorse you to the boatman.


Php 2000 (inclusive of share in gas, Metrodeal Voucher, and miscellaneous)

Php 3000-4000 : If you can’t avail of the Metrodeal – the boat rental is around Php 1500 per pax  (negotiable) to go to Nagsasa (without island hopping), Php 500 for the tent (cheaper if you have your own).

The itinerary: 

Island Hopping

Capones Island (but the waves were too high) You can actually trek to the lighthouse.
Snorkeling in Capones and near Anawangin Cove
Not so much life under as well, or maybe we were snorkeling in the wrong area.

Nagsasa Cove & Camping 

We brought our own utensils. No plastic and we brought home our trash.
Small Sari-sari store near the shore
Camping Area! You can also rent huts.


This is the view after a 10-15 min trek with Php 10 entrance fee


Capones Island

Camping Tips:

  1. Pack light and bring comfortable clothes – ideally a set for hot weather and a set for cold weather.
  2. Do not forget your sunblock and mosquito repellant.
  3. Bring enough drinking water and don’t forget the food you will cook.
  4. Bring a travel pillow if you have or use your bag.
  5. Avoid bringing expensive items.
  6. There’s low signal in the island so more time to spend with nature.
  7. Please be responsible campers and bring home your trash. The locals collect and burn it which is not ideal if we want to promote sustainable tourism so BRING HOME YOUR TRASH. (This is a project I want to tackle in my next post, and hopefully you can help me.)
  8. Yes, there is a sari-sari store in the island where you can buy almost anything you need but it is extremely expensive compared to when you buy it in the city.
  9. Yes, they can cook your food for you but better to cook it yourself to lessen the cost.
  10. Avoid using plastic or non-biodegradable items, bring your own food containers and utensils.
  11. Please teach your children to throw their trash in the proper place.
  12. And yes, they do have a toilet and shower! But do not expect a 5-star quality.

While you enjoy your trip, please be mindful and be more responsible visitors!

Hope this helps. Have fun!


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