Plant Bistro Tagaytay

If you don’t have any plans for the weekend but craving to get out of the city, eat good food, and get a quiet and peaceful ambience then this place is for you.

Disclaimer, I am not vegan. I’m open to it but not yet there. I’ve tried a few vegan dishes before but only a few I can remember that tasted good. This restaurant is definitely on my list.

The products are organic, locally produced and are all plant based.

Plant Bistro is located in Tagaytay, south of Manila and near Silang, Cavite .  It’s 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Paranaque.You can waze the location.

Aside from being a restaurant, the place is also a Bed & Breakfast accommodation; in fact, you can find them in AirBnB.


The area is surrounded by farms and  you can choose to eat in the veranda or outside overlooking the garden. It can even be an event space if you like!


So going back to my main agenda, I actually came here with my friend to meet Marisse and Peter for a project but it turned out to be a dine in session (we talked so much!). I would have stayed longer if I didn’t have a meeting later that day.

Here’s the menu:


Mini Falafels made up of chickpea falafel, beet sauce and garlic hummus!


Smashed Avocado Toast coupled with Organic beer. Yes, those flowers and leaves are edible.


Zucchini lasagna – This one i wasn’t able to finish. I’d say it’s good for two! Even the tomato sauce came from scratch and it has the right blend of sweet and sour.


But my favorite, will be the chocolate banana cake with cacao nibs.


I was so full but didn’t feel heavy in my stomach. And oh yeah, I had a good sleep after that early healthy dinner.


  • Try asking Marisse and Peter if they need any help in the house since they’re currently fixing the place to accommodate more guests and maybe more events. Maybe you can lend a hand in exchange for a good meal! Plant Bistro is a partner of Anahata Exchange. 🙂


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