Best Places, Where in Shanghai?

First confession: I was never interested to visit any part of China except maybe see the Great Wall. I am not a fan of Chinese food.

Second confession:  After spending 6 days in Shanghai, experiencing both the culture and the authentic Chinese food. I changed my mind. Shanghai has a lot to offer from city life to good food and rich culture and history!

Beware this is a long post!

Places to visit in Shanghai:

  • Jade Buddha Temple: It is one of the famous temples in Shanghai because it houses two important jade Buddhist statues– the Sitting Buddha and the Reclining/Recumbent Buddha. I didn’t get a photo of the two as it wasn’t allowed.
Buddha representing the Past, Present, and Future
The entrance to the temple
The 12 Buddhas


  • The Pudong area & the Oriental Pearl Tower: From the Bund, you have the view of the Pudong area which is the business district in Shanghai and where the famous Oriental Pearl Tower, one of the tallest towers in Shanghai, is located.
The Pudong Area in the morning


The view from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower


The Pudong area at night
  • The Bund: It is also called the East Zhongshan 1st Road. It is just opposite the Pudong area. The buildings that light up the road are made up of different architectural styles ranging from Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, and Renaissance. At night when the buildings are lit, it feels like you are transported to a whole new place.
The Bund at night
  • Xin Tian Di: This area is a car-free shopping, eating, and entertainment area. You will see narrow alleys lined up with stone houses inspired by traditional mid-19th century architecture. It is a perfect spot for romantic dinners especially during the weekends. Xin Tian Di is considered the most expensive place to live in China according to Travel China Guide.
Xin Tian Di center
Italian Restaurant in Xin Tian Di


A lot of Instagram-worthy walls and alleys inside
  • Tian Zi Fang: Don’t miss this area located in the French Concession,filled with arts and crafts shops. It also has boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, and local stores! The entrance is in a small alley by the road. If I am not mistaken, it’s in Lane 210.


Tian Zi Fang entrance


Restaurants inside the area


There are also bars!


Different kids of arts and crafts





  • Yuyuan Garden: This is one of the famous gardens in Shanghai and houses one of the oldest restaurants selling Xiaolongbao! Though the other parts are a bit commercialized already, you can still see the preserved architecture housing the stores and stalls. There is also an area where you can watch a tea ceremony!
Yuyuan Garden
Xiaolongbao from Nanxiang
  • Zhujiajiao Water Village: This well-known ancient water town is one of the most preserved ancient towns in Shanghai. It’s 1-2 hour drive from the city. There’s a market where you can shop Shanghai delicacies, rice wine, and local products. They say you can only say you visited this place if you’ve seen the old bridges that connect the two towns!
You have the option to ride the gondola and go around town
This photo is by Jaypee Swing! 😀
  • Temple of Soul’s Retreat or Lingyin Temple  in Hangzhou, China: Hangzhou is around 2 to 3 hours away from Shanghai. This area is known for tea villages and also the famous Lingyin Temple, one of the largest and most visited Buddhist temples in China where you can see the Buddha Sakyamuni in lotus position and also the laughing Buddha.The temple is surrounded by hills, rocks, and waterfalls and if you walk your way to the main temple you can find grottos and religious rock carvings.


Main Temple
Rock carvings


  • West Lake: It is a freshwater lake that houses different temples, pagodas, and gardens. It is known for influencing a lot of poets and painters in Chinese history because of its beautiful scenery. It was made a UNESCO World Heritage last 2011.
West Lake






And if you’re not yet convinced, go watch AirAsia’s Where in Shanghai video below!

Areas to visit in the city: 


Areas to visit outside Shanghai:


My Shanghai trip is not done yet!  I’ll share more tips on what to eat in my next post! If you ask me, eating was the best thing I did in Shanghai!

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Excuse for this trip? It was for work. :p






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