Best Food in Shanghai, UnTour Edition!

Skip the fancy restaurants and go for the real Shanghainese / Chinese cuisine or should I say, local streetfood!

We discovered this website called “UnTour Shanghai“.  It is organized by a group of expats living in Shanghai who lead tours ranging from night market food tours to breakfast tours that lasts around 2 to 3 hours.  They will take you to restaurants, food stalls, and hole in the walls that offer authentic Chinese cuisine. So remember to come hungry!

I have eaten a lot of Chinese food and I have to be honest I’m not a fan. But after the night market and breakfast tour with UnTour Shanghai, I wish there are stalls offering these kind of food here in the Philippines.

I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos because I was busy eating but here’s the list of food we ate and videos too! It might be useful if you want to do your own tour at your own pace.

My Favorites – Night Market Food Tour: 

David, our tour guide from UnTour Shanghai

Location: The tour started in Shouning Lu (Seafood Street Market)

  • The Chinese Burger –  this one is my favorite! It’s made up of pork and onions with savory sauce.


  • 48 Shouning Lu – Crawfish, grilled vegetables with beer, garlic scallops, lotus root, roasted garlic eggplant and salt & pepper water snake! The snake tasted like what they always say, like chicken.
Crawfish and Beer!


Baiju or also known as Shaojiu wine (40-60% alcohol) Perfect for celebrations!


Watching the man prepare the water snake


Water Snake


  • Twice-cooked pork and Mapo Tofu in La Wei Xian 6 Jianguo Dong Lu, near Zhaozhou Lu! – sadly I don’t have a photo of the food but please do try it!
My Food Tour Crew!!
  • Dumplings in 279 South Xizang Road, near Shouning Lu
Steamed Dumpling

And if you are wondering about the beer etiquette in Shanghai, here are a few tips from our UnTour Guide:


My Favorites – Breakfast Tour

Location: Near the French Concession Area, Xiangyang Lu


  • Jianbing, Egg Pancake in Xiangyang Food Stalls near Changle Lu


My favorite Jianbing!
  • Soup Dumplings in 601 Nanchang Lu, near Xiangyang Lu
  • Henan Pulled Noodles, Scallion oil noodles, bamboo tofu with peppers in 607 Changle Lu, near Donghu Lu


And to summarize, here’s a short video from AirAsia to show you the best food you should try when in Shanghai:



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