Eat Shit for Breakfast

This is for the mornings after a heart-wrenching break-up,  

Missed breakfast because of a bad hangover,

And the walk of shame that you just want to forget.

The breakfast you can’t eat because you need to rush to work

And find that everything you need to do is urgent.

This is for the days that you don’t have any idea what you’re doing and where you’re going

But you keep moving anyway,

One leg dragged by the other.

This is for that day you decided to be honest

And say the truth,

And you know it hurts.

In some days, it’s the other way around

You face the truth,

And it hurts just the same.

This is for that morning you found out that you just lost a loved one,

And you weren’t able to say goodbye.

This is for that breakfast that never happened because he left in the middle of the night

No messages, no calls, no letters.

Then sometimes, this is for the breakfast that you know things are no longer the same

But you eat it anyway,

With the aching feeling that it will be the last.

This is for the days you just want to be positive but you can’t

Because it’s shit. You feel like shit. And that’s okay.

Eat shit for breakfast.

Eat it like a champion.

Tell yourself over and over again.

Like a mantra. Like a chant.  

Like it’s supposed to make you braver.

Own your shit.

Fix your shit.

Get over your shit.

And clean your shit.

So you can stop eating shit for breakfast.


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