Florence, Italy

I know this Europe itinerary is long overdue so I’ll finish the last few stops in the next few days!!

Florence is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Pisa by train. It’s the capital of the Tuscany region and popular for its Renaissance art and architecture.

Florence, Italy

Honestly, when we went there around last week of September it was PACKED with tourists especially Ponte Vecchio. A full day is enough to go around and see the place.

Some stops:

  • Il Duomo di Firenze- The outside was breathtaking, the inside not so much because it didn’t feel like a cathedral at all but more of a tourist attraction (which I know it is). It was full of people lining up and taking photos. I didn’t even see a place or area where you can pray. But it’s still a must see!
  • Remember to bring jacket and scarf if you are wearing sleeveless and shorts as it’s not allowed inside the cathedral.


  • Ponte Vecchio – This is one of the oldest bridge in Florence and was rebuilt in 1345. It used to have butcher shops but now it’s occupied by jewelry and souvenir shops.
Ponte Vecchio
  • Venchi Gelato-my favorite gelato place in France/Italy!



  • Museo Casa di Dante– A 3-floor museum dedicated to Dante Alighieri showing the life and works of the great Italian poet.
Casa di Dante
Casa di Dante
  • Shopping Areas!



  • Wild Boar Pasta
Wild Boar Pasta
Il Mostrino Restaurant
  • Get lost in the city!




Palazzo Vecchio


Next Stop: The Tuscany Tour

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