Freediving with Kurma in Camiguin

Camiguin, a tiny beautiful island in the northern side of Mindanao, is known as the island born of fire. Personally this place is extra special because of how peaceful the place is, away from commercialism and noisy tourists and the warmth of the locals definitely makes me feel at home. This is the place I learned to scuba dive and just recently, learned to freedive.

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Mantigue Island in Camiguin

As much as I enjoy scuba diving as a leisure eco-activity, freediving definitely touches a special place in my heart. I’ll just put a disclaimer, I haven’t mastered the art of freediving but I surely enjoy learning it. As of now, I’m a basic freediver but soon I want to finish my WSF freedive training and get my license!

So if you love the ocean and you wish to expand your comfort zone then definitely try freediving!

Freediving, also known as skin diving, is considered the “purest form” of diving using one breath, holding it in without the use of any breathing equipment until you resurface.

Here’s my first try during the open water training. Apologies for the quality of the video! I should try documenting better next time.

In a freedive course, you have the theories  to read and understand before proceeding with the practical training. You can finish the whole course in 2 to 3 days depending on your progress.  Basic freedive course costs around Php7,000 while WSF freedive course costs around Php12,500. If you do it with Kurma, the package already includes yoga classes, souvenirs, certification, and you might have a chance to get around the island too!

I did my first course with Kurma Freedive under the care of a lovely couple, Val and Diggi! I just have to add, aside from their Freedive course they also offer adventure tours, yoga classes, accommodations under Kurma Secret Cove, and restaurant with delicious local fusion dishes, not to mention healthy too! Check out their website and like their Facebook page for more details and updates!

For my last day in the island, we went to Mantigue and had fun freediving. Here’s a short video of my experience. (Still working on my video skills)

Here’s a rundown of the things I can tell you about freediving:

  • You’ll be amazed at how your body can actually use and save oxygen. Read the course manual and then observe your body when underwater.
  • If you’re doing yoga, all that breathing exercises that you hate so much (cause sometimes I do) and all that meditation practice will definitely pay off when you freedive.
  • Freediving is not just a sport, it’s actually a meditation. It gives you time to listen to your body, face your fears, and be one with the ocean.
  • It also helped me with surfing so when I’m wiped out (with washing machine) I don’t panic as much as I did before.
  • Now, I feel more comfortable being underwater with our without a breathing apparatus.
  • If you are a smoker, you can still learn freediving but of course it’s still different when your lungs are clear and healthy!
  • You won’t get by with just swallowing to equalize the pressure, believe me. As you go deeper you need to learn how to do the Frenzel technique. Read about it and start practicing! I’m still practicing this one. Some people get it on their first try while some people take months to learn it.
  • Don’t dive without a partner!
  • Get over your fears and remember to appreciate the beauty of the ocean. Once you see all those fish and corals, you will forget you’re already underwater for so long.
  • Most of all, freediving is all about having fun responsibly! Take your time, enjoy it, stop expecting, and honor your journey!

So for all my fellow mermaids and mermans, go get out of your comfort zone and explore the ocean, one breath at a time!

Here are a few photos from my Kurma vacation when I’m not underwater.

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Beach lounge area in Kurma Secret Cove Resort. Perfect place to watch the sunset!
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The Sunset in Camiguin
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My view outside my room in Kurma Secret Cove

Next time you’re in Camiguin, you know where to go!

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