Flytpack Wifi for your travels


If you don’t want to pay your usually roaming charge then Flytpack can help you! It’s a wireless modem that is easy to carry around and acts as a wifi provider.  It’s cheaper yet faster! You can use it during your travels in Asia, Australia, US, Europe, UK, and more! A maximum of 5 people can connect to 1 modem.

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Fltypack Package

Here’s how it works:

  1. Book and Pay online at least 5 working days before your trip.
  2. Router will be delivered to you 1 day before your departure
  3.  Enjoy unlimited wifi during your trip. (Although if you check out their website you will see that it’s usually until 1GB. If you go more than that there’s a possibility the connection will be slower. Use it wisely!)
  4. Courier will collect the Flytpack package 1 day after your trip.

Here are the prices (as of April 2017):

Flytpack fees

Overall, it’s more affordable than roaming data. You just need to use it wisely!

For more information check out their website! 🙂


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