Dear Traveler, What is your next destination?


Dear Traveler,
The one with the itchy feet
Bit by the travel bug
Where are you going next?

The wanderer with a gypsy heart
Roaming in quiet streets and old alleys
Daydreaming in bustling roads lit by the city lights
Where is your destination?

Here, please take on the world
I beg you.
Let it be your playground
Let experiences be your playmates
What are you looking for?

Over coffee or over drinks, learn to unlearn your ways
Over road trips or plane rides, discover the world to rediscover yourself
And when you are tired, rest.
This is your journey, not a race
There won’t be a winner but there will be lessons
And there will be moments far greater than
Any trophy you can win
So please keep going.
Why do you travel?

Home is not a four walled room
No, not for you.
It is anywhere your restless soul takes you
Let it.
Let it take you through the life story of a stranger turned family
Taste it in the local delicacies lined up in the famous night market

See it through the graffiti on the wall
Because these are the stories that have not been told
And now they are yours.
Where is your home?

Open your mind and experience with your heart
There is a universal language not spoken by words but by actions
Cultures are not barriers but bridges to expand the way of life
History is the mode of transportation connecting then and now.
So speak the language of love
Communicate with understanding
And live with appreciation.

Dear traveler, what is your next destination?


 IG: travelanyway

Written for AirAsia Red Talks

Video by Jolo Luarca, Al Amin, and David Viray

Cover photo by Jaypee Swing

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