The best of Bali: Canggu & Nusa Penida Area

For my 30th birthday, I decided to splurge and explore Canggu, Nusa Penida and Gili Islands. Most days I had no plan which was very relaxing and I got to spend some time alone doing the things I wanted to do. It was indeed a very relaxing birthday celebration, plus I got to meet a lot of people too!

My Itinerary:

4 days Canggu Area:


Nusa Penida Tour

3 days Gili Trawangan:

Freedive in Gili Islands

3 days Canggu Area:

Yoga and Biking


Airfare PHP 8,000 Can be cheaper if you find a seat sale
Hostel Elements BnB (4 days) PHP 7,000 Villa good for two people and with breakfast
Nusa Penida Tour PHP 4,781 Per pax
Gili Getaway Transfer (Bali to Gili T) PHP 3,608 Pick up from hotel to drop off
Gili Getaway Transfer (Gili T to Bali) PHP 2,787 Pick up from hotel to drop off
Le Pirate Hotel Gili T (3 days) PHP 17,000 Good for two pax; with breakfast
Jungleroom Bali (3 days) PHP 11,200 Good for two pax; with breakfast
Transportation PHP 1,800 Airport transfers; island taxis
Food PHP 9,000
Surf PHP 5,000
Tours and Activities PHP 9,300
TOTAL PHP 78,476

Personally, I find Ubud the most peaceful area perfect for retreats and quiet activities. You will see lots of temples and experience up-close the local culture. If you’re looking for the party area then definitely go to Kuta and Seminyak. The area is quite busy because of bars and party events. You can go shopping too!

I think my favorite is Canggu. On top of the organic/healthy restaurants in the area, I love that it’s close to the beach, the surf spots and some chill bars if you like to drink and meet new people. The area is not too noisy and busy compared to Kuta and Seminyak.

 Where to stay in Canggu Area?

Elements BnB: I booked Elements BnB via Hostelworld. It is situated near the Batu Bolong surf area (10mins walk) and Echo Beach (15-20mins walk). They have bed spaces or villas depending on your budget. You can enjoy the breakfast and also lounge in the pool after a long day!

Canggu Hostel Elements BnB Bali Travelanyway (2)
The Elements BnB, Canggu
Canggu Elements BnB Pool side Hostel Hostelworld Bali Travelanyway
Lounge in the Pool


Canggu Hostel Elements BnB Bali Travelanyway 2
My Villa
Canggu Hostel Elements BnB Bali Travelanyway
Common Area
Canggu Elements BnB Hostel Pool Bali Travelanyway
Post surf swim

Jungleroom Bali: After my short trip in the Gili Islands I had to go back to Bali for my flight so I decided to stay in Jungleroom which is also in the Canggu area. It’s a bit far compared to Elements BnB, around 15-20 minutes by bike to Batu Bolong and around 30 minutes to Echo Beach. They have their own yoga space, pool area, and organic restaurant. Every area in that place is “instagrammable”! You can also rent a bike or motorcyle to go around the area.

Canggu Jungleroom Area AirBnb TRavelanyway
Common Pool Area
Canggu JungleRoom Bali AirBnB Riverview Room Travelanyway
My Room: The Riverview Room
Canggu Jungleroom Bali AirBnB Big Karo Travelanyway
y The Big Karo: Common Area
Canggu Jungleroom Bali AirBnB Travelanyway
Jungleroom Bali: Pool Area
Canggu Jungleroom Bali Juice Bar AirBnb Organic Restaurant Travelanyway
The Juice Bar: Vegan Restaurant. Opens 7am-6pm
Canggu Jungleroom Bali Organic Food Travelanyway (2)
Vegan Pancakes and Green Juice served by the pool!
Canggu Jungleroom Juice Bar Food Organic Restaurant Bali Travelanyway
Avocado Toast and Green Juice for Breakfast!
Canggu Jungleroom Bali Organic Food Travelanyway
Enjoying my green juice after a day of traveling from Gili Trawangan back to Bali
Canggu Jungleroom Bali Riverview Room AirBnB Travelanyway (2)
I just had to take photos, everything was so pretty! The room had the riverview and you hear the people praying and chanting from the other side of the river.
Canggu Jungleroom Bali Yoga studio Travelanyway
The Yoga Studio in Jungleroom. The class was cancelled so I decided to practice a few asanas.
Canggu Jungleroom Big Karo AirBnB Bali Travelanyway (2)
The Big Karo where you can hang with your friends and meet fellow travelers!
Canggu Jungleroom Big Karo Play area Bali Travelanyway
All the materials and items inside came from Bali
Canggu Jungleroom Riverview Room AirBnB Bali Travelanyway
The Bed, perfect for lazy days!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Juice Bar also offers smoothie bowls for the win!

How to go around Canggu?

Uber and Grab Taxi are not allowed inside the area. Locals encourage tourists to support the local taxi transportation. You can go around by renting a bicycle (Php 230) or motorcycle (Php 600). Note to self, I should learn how to drive the motorcycle before I go back to Bali. It’s cheaper and saves me from all the walking.

Where to eat in Canggu?

You can find cheaper Warungs if you like Indonesian food. It can go as low as Php200 including 2 dishes, and rice. If you want to try out the organic restaurants below (except Old Man’s), the price range is around Php200-Php400 for the meal and around Php600-700 with drinks or desserts.

  • Café Organic: I’m biased. This is my favorite restaurant in Canggu!

Canggu Cafe Organic Restaurant Bali Travelanyway

Canggu Cafe Organic Organic Restaurant Bali Travelanyway

  • Cinta Café: Nice view of the rice paddies and good food

Canggu Cinta Cafe Organic Food Restaurant Bali Travelanyway

Canggu Cinta Cafe Organic Food Restaurant Travelanyway

Canggu Cinta Cafe Organic Food Restaurant Bali Travelanyway 2

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

  • Betelnut Café: This is my second favorite restaurant in Canggu. They have good vegan and non-vegan food, and yummy desserts! It’s pack at night so make sure you reserve a seat or come early!


  • Shady Shack: Good area where you can work if you need to catch up on your emails or just chill with your friends!
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The Shady Shack Menu
Canggu Shady Shack Organic Restaurant Bali Travelanyway
Lunch while catching up on some important emails!
  • Old Man’s: Perfect place to party! This is where I celebrated my birthday with a few close friends and a new friend we met after surfing. You can also go down the beach just in front of Old Man’s around 11pm onwards and you’ll find a beach party!
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The famous Old Man’s
Canggu 30th Birthday Bali Travelanyway
Bintang all night

 Activities to do around Canggu:

  • Yoga: I wasn’t able to take some yoga classes except in jungleroom but you can find several yoga studios in the area.

Canggu Jungleroom Yoga Studio AirBnB Bali Travelanyway

  • Surf: They have two spots. Batu Bolong is good for beginners and intermediate and it is also close to Old Man’s. If you rent a board it’s around Php200 per hour while if you take a lesson or get a guide it’s around Php 1,300. Sometimes you can bargain and get it cheaper. The other spot is called Echo Beach which is good for advanced surfers. Both areas have a good sunset view and a line of restaurants where you can chill after or watch the other surfers play! I hope to get some actual surf photos next time.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Post Surf face

Canggu Batu Bolong Surf Break Travelanyway

  • Bike around the area and see different shops and art walls.

Canggu artwall Bali Travelanyway (2)Canggu artwall Bali Travelanyway

  • Catch the sunset in Batu Bolong or Echo Beach
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Echo Beach Sunset

Activities to do outside Canggu:

On the day of my birthday we decided to do the Nusa Penida Tour. It’s an island an hour away from Bali. We got the Nicetourbali to take us to the spots below. Though you can do a DIY, it would be hard because of the boat transfers and the car ride to the spots (it was very long and bumpy but the view was worth it!).

  • Broken Beach: Enjoy the breathtaking view from the top and if you are lucky you can spot some dolphins riding the waves!

Nusa Penida Broken Beach Island Travelanyway

Nusa Penida Borken Beach Bali Travelanywa 2

  • Angel’s Billabong: When the tide is low you can climb down and swim in the rock pools but you can’t stay there for long because when the big waves come in they can take you back to the open water. It can be dangerous!
Nusa Penida Angel's Billabong Bali Tour Travelanyway
It was a struggle to climb down but it was worth it! The water was cool perfect after a few minutes of hiking and walking.

Nusa Penida Angel's Billabong Bali Tour Travelanyway (2)

  • Kelingking Point: We had lunch around the area before going to the viewing spot. If you have more time, you can actually do the 1 hour trek going down and swim in the crystal clear water. Something I plan to do next time!

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Nusa Penida Kelingking Point Bali Travelanyway

  • Crystal Bay: This is also a surf area but the tour guide insisted that we snorkel instead. The current was strong when we snorkeled but the water was still clear and you can see a few fishes and corals.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Travel Tips:

  1. In Canggu area, most of the vegan/organic restaurants only accept cash.
  2. There are a lot of ATM machines in the area so don’t worry.
  3. If you want to buy some cheap souvenirs (the Bali shirts and pajamas etc) you can find them near the entrance of Echo Beach.
  4. The dogs in Bali are still not so nice. They haven’t change since 2012 (the last time I was there.)
  5. Grab and Uber are not allowed in the main Canggu area.
  6. Oh, make sure you have insect repellent!

That’s it for Canggu and Nusa Penida! Read about my itinerary in Gili Trawangan in the next post.

If you have tips on where to go, especially for clubs and parties and other things to do in Bali do comment below! I plan to visit again soon!

Follow me in instagram: @travelanyway for some random trips and travel thoughts! Ciao!

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