The Arts and Architecture in Shanghai!

Shanghai is quite popular in the financial industry and as a global financial and transport hub it attracts both locals and foreigners alike! You will be quite surprise as to how many expats are living in Shanghai with their families and friends.

I have to admit, China is not in my top list of destinations to visit but I gave it a chance. This is my second time in the city and it does have its own charm from the culture, to the people, and the food.

For first timers, if you want to know more about where to go in Shanghai and what to eat check out my previous posts!

If you are looking at going to Shanghai in winter, then you are in for a treat (except maybe if it rains, because it gets colder!).  Here are a few things you can enjoy when you visit Shanghai around February РMarch.

The Shanghai Tower: Soak in the city lights at the Bund

Climb up the Shanghai Tower and get a full 360 view of Shanghai at night. This is the paid version. If you want to get the view for free, then you can stay at the Bund, it’s as beautiful from that angle.

Shanghai City Lights Skyscrapers China TravelAnyway
Shanghai City, view from the Shanghai Tower
On our way to Shanghai Tower

Tian Zi fang Market: Shops and hipster cafes and restaurants 

Spend half of the day roaming the small alleys of Tian Zi Fang. You’ll find local products, trinkets, and souvenirs that you can take home or give as a gift! Chill in one of the cafes when you get tired, did I mention they offer western and healthy dishes? Yes, they do!

Kommune Restaurant Tianzifang Shanghai China TravelAnyway
Tian Zi Fang Cafe

Insider’s Experience: French Concession

Explore the French Concession, with an exclusive tour of the 50 Monganshan Road, the nerve center of Shanghai’s buzzing contemporary art scene via a sidecar! You get to stopover cool murals and art walls, buildings and museums around the city to satisfy the instagrammer in you and sip on your complimentary hot wine, like a bad-ass that you are! How cool is that? Thanks to Insider’s Experience! They also have other tours in China and Morocco!

Insider's Experience Sidecar Tour Shanghai Travel Anyway
I look so happy in the first 20 minutes when it wasn’t so cold yet! Photo by Ayen
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Enjoying my hot wine in the M50 Graffiti Wall stopover!
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Instagram worthy stop-over

Culture Shock Bike Tour around Shanghai

Experience driving in Shanghai like a local, via the Culture Shock Bike Tour. You will find yourself exploring small alleys, stopping over historical landmarks, museums, and buildings within Shanghai while admiring the local culture. You get to hang with awesome expat tour guides as well! I heard their Pub Crawl and Night Bike Tour are also good.

Bike Culture Tour Shanghai TravelAnyway
Culture Shock Bike Tour in French Concession


Disneyland Shanghai

Contrary to the news, Shanghai Disneyland was clean and though I did not understand most of the voice overs, it was still a good experience!

My favorite rides are (well we only got to ride three because we had to shoot!)

  1. Tron: Try to ride in the front, it gets more exciting!
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The visual effects of this ride was unexpected. It really felt like we were in the actual scene although in reality we were just sitting in a boat and everything else was on-screen!
Disneyland Shanghai TravelAnyway (2)
Shanghai Disneyland
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Get lost in the alleys


Tron Shanghai Disneyland TravelAnyway
Tron, Rollercoaster Ride
Pirates of the Carribean Disneyland Shanghai TravelAnyway
The exit sign in Pirates of the Caribbean
Thank you to this Awesome AirAsia Chasing Wonders team!

Till the next time!

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