Book is out: Travel Anyway (France & Italy)


Travel Anyway (Location: France & Italy) is a compilation of short poetry and essays during my trip. It is a mix of love, travel, inspiration, and even heartbreaks. Read a few lines and hope it also triggers a thing or two in you! Here’s a a preview!

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*This offer is only for a limited period of time.

Thank you for visiting. The book is undergoing some updates. I will be launching a new one with new poems and some updates! Come back soon!

About the Book:

I have been traveling in the last few years both for work and vacation. Along the way, I felt the need to write my thoughts and understand my emotions. Traveling has taught me a lot- about different places, different cultures, different people and more about myself. I needed an outlet and it all culminated during my trip in France and Italy last 2016. I got my pen and started to write.

Places have their own distinct smell and each road, street or even just a restaurant makes you feel something. Sometimes they trigger a memory or sometimes it paints a blank space. Most of the time, it feels good. People you meet along the way reminds you of those back home. There are those you meet who become your friends or lovers (or both), sometimes momentarily, other times far longer than you planned. Each time you step into a new place and meet new people it changes you, little by little. You are never the same person when you go home.

We all have different reasons for traveling and for whatever excuse or reason you have, I urge you Travel anyway (or any way).

Feel free to follow / tag me in Instagram @travelanyway and use the hashtag #travelanyway so I can repost too! Visit the other parts of my website for some travel itineraries.


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