Discovering Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital and largest city in Czech Republic, largely influenced by the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque period. It used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia where some Holy Roman Emperors resided. It has been the political, cultural and economic center of central Europe, surviving the world wars and post-war communist area. It is also one of the most visited cities in Europe!

Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway
Charles Bridge

We stayed in District 3 (Praha 3) which is a few minutes away from the Old Town Center via subway. It’s away from the tourist area but still has the old town vibe and offers a few quirky restaurants and pubs.

Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway (2)
View from the Old Town area

Here are the top things to see or do in Prague:

Old Town Square:

Old Town Square, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is medieval inspired with gothic and renaissance architecture, cobblestones streets and terracotta rooftops. Similar to the town centers of Belgium, this used to be the main area for festivals, gatherings and public executions.  Now, it is still the venue for festivals and Christmas markets! This is also where you will see some important structures like the Tower of the Town Hall, Tyn Cathedral that looks like a fairy tale castle, and the famous astronomical clock.

Old Town City Center Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway
Old Town Square
Old City Center Prague Czech Republic Travelanywaay
Old buildings around the square
Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway (4)
Old Buildings around the square

Mulled Wine

As with all my other posts, this is the perfect drink during winter (aside from hot choco of course!)! In Czech it is also called svarak or svarene vino.

Christmas market just in front of the Prague Castle. You can buy snacks, hot choco and mulled wine!

Trdlo or Trdelnik

Like in Budapest, Trdelnik is a kind of spit cake made from rolled dough, wrapped around a stick, grilled and topped with cinnamon and sugar. It is popular in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. Now you can add in fillings such as Nutella and Ice Cream.

Trdlo Trdlenik Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway

Prague Castle

It is a few minute trek from Old Town to the castle complex. It is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic. We found a library inside but was closed during that day! From the top, you can see the terracotta rooftops, overlooking the entire old town.

Prague Castle Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway (2)
You can take a tour around the old town and castle complex using a vintage car!
Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway (5)
One of the churches inside the Prague Castle
Prague Castle Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway
Entrance of the Prague Castle
View from Prague Castle Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway
The view from the Prague Castle

Charles Bridge Prague

It used to be the only means of crossing the river Vltava until 1941, connecting Prague Castle and the Old Town center. There are 30 statues of saints, though most of it are replicas. You will find musicians as well while crossing the bridge. If you want to get a more perfect photo, you have to beat the crowd in the morning or a bit late at night.

Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway (5)
Charles Bridge going to the Prague Castle
Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway (3)
Statues along the Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway (4)
Musicians in Charles Bridge

Astronomical Clock

In the south area of the Old Town square is the famous astronomical clock, considered as a technological miracle showing time and date for centuries as well as, the position of the sun, phase of the moon, astronomical cycles and festivals following the Christian calendar. Of course I tried to read it and failed.

Astronomical Clock Old City Center Prague Czech Republic
Astronomical Clock

The Dancing building in New Town Prague

It was designed by a Croatian- Czech architect, Vlado Milunic together with Canadian American, Frank Gehry. They started building it in 1992 and was finished in 1996. It was a controversial piece of art as it did not follow any of the Baroque, Gothic or Renaissance design of the buildings surrounding it.

Dancing Tower Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway
Dancing Building
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The View from the rooftop of the Dancing Building

Lokal restaurant (No Photo)

If you don’t know where to eat just google Lokal Restaurant since they have a few branches. It’s a giant food and beer hall that resembles the 1970s eatery hall, serving typical Czech Cuisine. The menu offers traditional recipes and the menu changes everyday!

Den Noc Restraurant (No Photo)

This is located in one of the small alleys between the municipal House and Old Town Square. It is a family business rated as one of the top eateries especially for breakfast and brunch. We tried the avocado and salmon pancakes with hot ginger tea! Perfect for a late breakfast! I did not have a photo; I was so hungry when we got there.


This is a hole in the wall, we were walking home when a bunch of guys invited us to try the beers inside. We did and ended up staying late! They also offer food but they are more famous for crafted and imported beers from around the globe. It’s relatively cheap too!

BeerGeek Local Beers
Beergeek Prague Czech Republic Travelanyway
BeerGeek (My almost drunk sister)

Prague is a beautiful city and definitely one for the books. Next is my last stop for this winter trip: Paris!

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