My fuss about being 30

(P.S. Because it is my birth month and I would like to keep a record of how foolish and wise I have been over the years. So here are my thoughts on being 30)

Make more life—changing events, I tell myself.

If that means more heartbreak

Or uprooting myself

Or changing the world

Or a person’s life

I always ask, why am I doing it?

Know your truth, it leads you to your life-purpose.

And no matter what kind of voodoo-magic, crazy meta-physical

you think these concepts and questions are,

Somewhere in our materialistic and physical being, we know we are craving for meaning.

So, find meaning.


I have worked on myself, and I demand that those who want to be in my life are willing to do the same.

Work on your damn self

Your issues, your fears, your insecurities

Your goals, your dreams, work on it.

I do. You do.

People have asked me how and why am I single until now.

I do not know. I have stopped looking for the answer.

Instead, I have used it to love myself more.

Of course, the men I dated in between, helped make it more bearable and fun.

So yes, I went and met people. Talked to strangers.

Fell in love along the way, a few times actually.


My unsolicited advice, whether you are single or taken, or lost

Go and have an adventure!

Try new things. Be scared, but do it anyway.

While others were busy attracting boys and weeping over heartbreaks

I traveled

I learned to surf

I immersed myself in yoga and meditation

I became a licensed scuba-diver

I started training for freediving

And in between, I involved myself in saving the environment

While doing so, I met people from all over the world.

It was as exciting.


This year, I came face to face with grief.

There is nothing more painful than seeing the one I love die in front of me.

The loss is inexplicable, it carved a tiny piece of my heart and soul,

Crushed it into dust so I may never recover it.

Grief comes in waves, whether I am ready or not.

It changed me.

I crawled myself out of the pit, I have not lived 30 years of my life to not be ready for this.

I wasn’t ready, but I crawled.

I came to understand grief with love.

The love you have for yourself, and the love others pour into you will not fill in the hole

Anger only fuels the pain. But love? Love will help you live with it.

Frankly, that’s the only option you have.

Live with it.


Age is just a number. Reaching 30, does not guarantee you anything.

Take your time, use it wisely.

Love, love whenever you can.

Live, live for moments that can take your breath away.

Everything else is a waste of your existence.

Photo by Robby Sison

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