A year of Shedding

Shedding, I hope you feast on my words, like how you feast on the photo

Because I have something to say

I have come here to shed layers and layers of guilt and shame

I wish to say the thoughts I didn’t dare to entertain

I wish to peel off the masks I’ve learned to put on

To make you comfortable

To not scare you away

When I was afraid I will not fit in

And I will be judged for actions and words

That was meant to be my self-expression

Shedding, this is about shedding.

Live your truth, but what does it mean?

I realized the truth is not just light; it is also dark.

And to live it is to accept it.

Own it

Own my “yes” and my “no”

Own every crevice of my body, and do with it what I will

Own my emotions and let it be felt, by me and by others

Let go of shame where my truth hides

Shame that I might be too much of anything

Too sensual, too loud, too proud, too bossy, just too much

I came here to shed.

Because life is too short to not tell you

I do like saying what I think, especially if it puts you in your place

I wish for you to do the same.

I am aware that I look both fragile and strong, and I know when to play which

I am queen, with or without a king

God, it took me awhile to be comfortable saying that.

But I am here to shed. I will start with this.

So this year, shed I will.



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