USA Part 2: Chilling in Boston & Cape Cod

Next Stop was Boston and a little further south, is Cape Cod. As mentioned in my previous article, I stayed in Boston for a month to take an Executive Spring Program in MIT. Though I wasn’t able to go around so much, staying in Boston was a good experience in itself since I learned a lot in the program and the length of my stay was long enough to make me feel like a local.

Boston Skyline Travel Anyway
City view of Boston, on the way to do some whale watching

About Boston

Boston, a port city, is the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and one of the oldest municipalities in the United States. Before coming here, I didn’t know much about Boston but turned out several key events that led to the American Revolution, like the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party happened here. Aside from this, it is well-known as the international center of higher education and one of the world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship; in fact, you can find here the Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Information of Technology, two of the most prestigious school in the world.

Sunset in Boston Travel Anyway 2
Sunset by the Charles River

So what to do in Boston?

Visit Beacon Hill and Acorn Street- a historical neighborhood where you can find the famous Acorn Street. It is made-up of old federal-style row houses, with narrow streets made of cobblestones and was known to be the most expensive area in Boston. Acorn street is still a residential area so be sensitive when you want to take photos to not disrupt the normal routine of the house owners.

Acorn Street Boston Travel Anyway 2
Acorn Street

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)- located beside the Charles River, is a private research university housing different laboratories for different research topics like applied science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. It well-known to fund innovation and entrepreneurship for its community. In my one month of stay in MIT, I was able to take a good tour of the campus and I really liked the balance between work and play. Students have a good amount of resources and venues to create, play, and innovate.

Boston Tea Party- is an educational tour that talks about the protest of the Sons of Liberty in Boston against the Tea Act that allowed the British East India company to sell tea from China in American colonies. The British government retaliated when the protesters threw the tea products in the Boston Harbor and this is one of the triggers of the American Revolution. This story will be re-enacted to you by different actors and you will go through different interactive museums to highlight the different events that transpired in the protest.


Fenway Park- a baseball park near Kenmore Square and is the home of the famous Boston Red Sox, the city’s American Baseball League. It was my first time to  watch a live baseball game and it was particularly interesting because it was a Red Sox game. They say you’ve never been to Boston, if you haven’t watched a Red Sox game so this ticked the box for me!

Gypsy Place- Because I love brunch, I found this café and restaurant in the quiet street of Hampshire. It offers good smoothies, avocado toast and other brunch items. It’s a good place to work too!

Gypsy Place in Boston Brunch and Work Place Travel Anyway 2

Mead Hall- a few minutes away from MIT by foot. It’s a pub and restaurant with a variety of beer choices and good food!

Mead Hall Boston Travel Anyway

Quincy Market– located near Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston, pass the Boston Massacre memorial site. You will find different artists dancing, singing, or playing an instrument just outside the market. Inside you will find a variety of shops and restaurants They have Magnolia Bakery that sells cupcakes and don’t miss the lobster roll!

Quincy Market Boston Travel Anyway

Lobster Roll- is a must eat in Boston. This originated from New England and Canada. It is made up of lobster meat mixed with butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and prepared in a hotdog bun. It usually comes with chowder soup or fries!

Lobster Roll in Boston Travel Anyway

Little Italy- is in North End and is known to be the city’s oldest residential community that started way back in 1630s. You will find different authentic Italian restaurants, pizzerias, and bakery in this area. I recommend Carmelina’s for a sit down meal and Rina’s Pizza for a quick grab!

Mike’s Pastry– is located in the North End area known as the Little Italy and is known for its cannolis but they also offer different types of desserts. Cannoli is an Italian dessert from Sicily that looks like a tube-shaped shell made of fried pastry dough with creamy ricotta filling.

Whale Watching- you can find different whale watching tours in Boston. We tried the Boston Harbor Cruises based on online reviews and they are also committed to responsible whale watching practices. The tour cost $55. We saw 3-5 humpback whales!

Boston Public Library–  a municipal public library system in Boston and also known as the Library of the Commonwealth. Look who made it to the Boston Library: my Travel Anyway Book! Also shameless plug, it’s still available via print or ebook.

State Park Pub- one of my go-to pubs in One Kendall Square. They also have different games inside and closes late compared to the other restaurants and pubs in the area.

Skate Park Pub in Boston Travel Anyway 

Next stop, Cape Cod!

Cape Cod Is located in the southeastern corner of mainland Massachusetts and extends into the Atlantic Ocean making it a tourist attraction during summer. Chatham, where we stayed is in the southeast tip of Cape Cod, is known for its fishing industry. The houses even the library, shops, and grocery store all looks the same since they follow certain rules or policies in building infrastructures in the area.

Cape Cod Beach Travel Anyway 5 

Cape Cod, Chatham Fishing Pier– You can spend some time here especially when the fishermen are about to take out their catch, some hungry seals are always waiting to snatch a few leftovers!

Cape Cod Fishing Pier Travel Anyway

Cape Cod Lighthouse Beach- is one of the famous beaches in the area but is also known for its strong current and once in a while you will see seals playing in the area!

Cape Cod Beaches– there are a few more other beaches in the area which I wasn’t able to get the name. Some even has shark warning signs!

Provincetown – you can do a daytrip to Provincetown if you are staying long in the area. It’s a New England town at the very tip of Cape Cod and known as a famous tourist destination for the LGBT+ Community. They also have small streets that you can explore and find quaint shops and restaurants. Since it’s near the ocean, seafood is a must try!

Whalers Wharf – is a 3-storey old building that houses arts and fra Wasters Edge Cinema- a nonprofit arthouse cinema in the town center. It houses an arts and crafts market and the Waters Edge Cinema, a non-profit arthouse cinema.

Cape Cod Market Travel Anyway 3
Whales Wharf

I definitely want to visit this area again during summer!

Next agenda: Texas Roadtrip! Ciao!

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