Staycation: Lotuspod Bed & Breakfast in Laguna

I know (myself included) most are still hesitant to travel because of the uncertainty of the covid situation in the country. But in the same time, we are all wanting to get our lives back, or at least keep our sanity. I do encourage responsible traveling so before anything else, I’m sharing with you some travel tips that might be helpful especially now with changing travel restrictions and requirements. I keep this in mind whenever I plan my trips.

  1. Know the travel requirements of your destination. Do your research. Websites and social media pages of local government units, Department of Tourism, and of your hotel usually post announcements on travel requirements and restrictions. As of June 16, 2021, Laguna is under GCQ, so minimum safety protocols are in place and accommodations are open. See more information here: https://app.philippines.travel/articles/manila-safety-guide
  2. Find out if there are checkpoints if you are going by land and make sure you have the necessary documents.
  3. Know the COVID situation of the area you are going to. Are there active cases? If there’s a high number of COVID cases and local transmissions, I would suggest you postpone your trip.
  4. Know the safety protocols and extra precautions that your accommodation is implementing. The more the better, the safer you can be. And make sure you follow them.
  5. Wash your hands. Wear your mask.
  6. Research on what’s open and what can be done in the area. Your accommodation might be open but the places you want to visit around you may not be. This way, you can manage your expectations and fix your itinerary beforehand.
  7. Get yourself tested before and after your trip. It’s additional cost but it will keep you and your family / loved ones safe too.

Here are the quick highlights of our staycation in Lotuspod:

Lotuspod, an hour drive from Manila, is located at 2340 Kalsadang Putol St. Purok 6, Baranggay Puypuy Bay, Laguna. The farm promotes agritourism by supporting local produce, and maintaining an open lush green and farm area as wide as 3 hectares. It has Filipino-Balinese inspired casitas with each having its own veranda and a hot-spring plunge pool. The surrounding areas are either rice paddies or lotus pond, giving that Ubud vibes.

Entrance of Lotuspod
The Casitas are surrounded by lotus ponds
Tried doing yoga in the chill area
You can relax in this hut surrounded by a lotus pond

If you want a slightly more luxurious staycation, I recommend Lotuspod. It has all the amenities you need, from pool to massage to a playground. It’s perfect, whether it’s a solo trip or with friends and families.

What to expect?

The Room: Standard Casita Php8,500 per night good for 3pax; with free breakfast. The room has a veranda where you can drink your coffee and work, overlooking the swimming pool and lush green farm area.

Private Hot Bath Pool

The Bar and Pool- you can order snacks and drinks while you lounge at the pool. There’s also a jacuzzi, if you prefer hot water!

The food:  Since we had a coupon from Deal Grocer which is inclusive of lunch and dinner, we didn’t have to order anything. You can still order when you check-in. It usually comes in a set meal, complete with main dish, rice, dessert, and drinks. Truly home cooked and fresh ingredients. The cooks will even offer you fresh mushroom you can take buy some and take it home if you want! They served us grilled fish with salted egg and sinigang for dinner and a big breakfast the next day.

When it’s not raining, you can ask them to setup your dinner in the open garden so you have a full view of the stars! A lot of people use the place to propose or as a wedding venue. Check out their website for more details. (This is not a paid ad.)

So, if you plan to do a staycation and missing Bali, then this place is perfect for you!

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