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Allenie is a seasoned marketing professional, a self-published author, diver, traveler, and an environmentalist. She created Travel-Anyway back in 2015 as an online journal of all her travels and along the journey, she cultivated her love for writing poetry and essays. Her first book, Travel Anyway, talks about the lessons she learned about life and love during her travels. While her second poetry book, Coming Home, touches on the journey of healing and the importance of being able to make sense of one’s experiences. Allenie believes in continuous learning and self-development. Just last 2020, she finished her MBA in Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT and is currently the Head of Marketing for a regional airline. She is also a volunteer leader of the Climate Reality Corps working on leadership acts to fight climate change. When she is not out and about, she likes to try new things, eat, surf, do yoga, freedive or scuba-dive.

“If people are empowered to travel, to go beyond their immediate surroundings, they will be more understanding of other people, of other culture. They can see how big the world is and people will probably dream bigger. That’s something I want to constantly remind myself, and hopefully let others realize too.”

Allenie Caccam

Allenie loves to collaborate with big and small businesses, content creators and brands that make a positive impact to this world. You may reach her at allenie@travel-anyway.com. For more random trips and poetry, visit her instagram account @travelanyway. Ciao!

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