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Travel-Anyway is my art-space,

Created because of my itchy feet and love for traveling,

Call it wanderlust, or travel bug,

But I see it as something more.

I travel to overcome my fears.

I travel to heal an ache.

I travel to inspire.

I travel to breathe.

I travel to meet new people, old, young, rich, poor, people from all over the world.

I travel to get my heartbroken,

Then I travel some more to love again.

Traveling is not just getting to your destination.

It’s from the moment you start preparing to go there.

Traveling is not about the tourist areas, or the 5 star Michelin guides,

It’s about the quiet streets and cafes.

It’s about sitting beside a stranger by the bridge, with a beer in one hand,

Or taking the train station or,

Sitting in a café watching people go about their regular day,

Because it’s about experiencing how the locals live,

And hear their stories. That’s what makes the destination more memorable.

It’s not an amazing race and how many places you’ve visited.

Traveling can also mean visiting the same place over and over again.

And realize how each trip is never exactly the same. So stop expecting.

Someone once asked me why I do this. I still have the same answer, “If people are empowered to travel, to go beyond their immediate surroundings, they will be more understanding of other people, of other culture. They can see how big the world is and people will probably dream bigger. That’s something I want to constantly remind myself, and hopefully let others realize too.”

And when I’m not out and about I like to try new things, eat, surf, do yoga, freedive or scuba-dive.

This space is my journey and you’re welcome to join me!

And if you are into writing, head on to my Travel Musings page for some travel thoughts and poetry!

Let me know what you think. Ciao!


You can also visit my Instagram: @travelanyway for random trips and daily musings.

Email me at travelanyway.com@gmail.com for collaborations!

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