Exploring Port Barton & El Nido, Palawan

You think you’ve seen it all? Here are a few more islands you should see in Palawan!


Flytpack Wifi for your travels

  If you don’t want to pay your usually roaming charge then Flytpack can help you! It’s a wireless modem that is easy to carry around and acts as a wifi provider.  It’s cheaper yet faster! You can use it during your travels in Asia, Australia, US, Europe, UK, and more! A maximum of 5…

One Breathe, One Dive

In a space where you are floating and nothing is certain but your breath. Get out of your head and into your spirit.

Tuscany, Italy Tour

If you’re looking for the vineyards, the view of the countryside, the old hilltop towns, and the best Tuscan sunset then this post is for you!