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Coming Home is a collection of more than 100 poems and letters about loving and gently healing, as you carefully navigate through hurt, betrayal, trauma, and heartbreak. It is a journey of finding your truth by going inwards.

If you like the smell of newly printed books and delight in the act of reading and turning actual pages, then get this print version of the book. It also serves as a nice coffee table book for your living room or bedside table!

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Coming Home is a collection of more than 100 poems and letters that bring to light the painful yet liberating process of turning inwards to reflect and reconnect with our true self. It is a journey of facing our truth as well as our demons masked in our resentment, shame and guilt. This book allows us to look into our own thoughts and makes us ask the hard questions. By making sense of our experiences, we can rise above our self-inflicted pain and self-imposed limitations. It is about healing from our past, from heartbreak, and dealing with social pressure while learning to fully accept ourselves.

The author started the book in 2018 and it wasn’t until 2020 when it was finished. The tone and perspective of Coming Home was greatly influenced by the struggles of a traveler being forced to stay in one place for a long period of time. Coming Home also features few poems written in Tagalog dialect, as inspired by the reintegration of the author to her local language after living in another country.


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4 reviews for Coming Home (Print)

  1. Kim Pavon

    Really good and relaxing read. (especially during rainy days, with a cup of cold brew!!)

    The words in the book will make you feel much better, in a sense, more comfortable with your own skin, and where you’re currently at, without all the external pressure. It’s also a good reminder that things in life happen for a reason, and we have every right to love ourselves, no matter how flawed or imperfect we may seem. ❤️

    • travelanyway

      Thank you for the kind words kim! Stay safe!

  2. Laarni (verified owner)

    A must-have book on your bedside or coffee table! I read the book based on how I feel every day. Poems were beautifully written and feels like it’s speaking your inner thoughts when you can’t find the words to say. It’s a book that will make you feel better and make you understand that the emotions you feel are part of being human. This book can make you feel vulnerable, brave, and loved. A must-read for this adulting journey #selflove 💙

    • travelanyway

      Thank you for resonating with my words!

  3. Kat

    Such an inspiring words of life’s memories to keep and still to be done. The journeys to be taken, decisions and choices to make. It is a reflection of real life experiences and emotions. The stories of growth, self love and acceptance. ❤️

    • travelanyway

      Thank you Kat for supporting my art. I hope you found something useful to help you in your journey. 🙂

  4. Yella (verified owner)

    If I ever read words that seemed to be transcribed from my own feelings at random, various periods of the past year, they were from this.

    Coming Home is so relatable, it’s easy to love it one minute and hate it the next… and then love it again some more. The writing, so genuine, makes you feel validated and understood, cradling you in comfort all the while preparing to challenge and urge you into facing that which sometimes you dread the most – yourself.

    If you’re feeling brave, pick this book up, immerse yourself in it, and pause for air as needed. When you’re done, believe me when I say, you will feel home.

    • travelanyway

      Thank you for the kind words! I still re-read the poems to remind me of the lessons learned and to keep moving forward. Welcome Home!

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