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Travel Anyway is a book about travel, love, and life wrapped in photos, poems, and essays.

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What is Travel Anyway?

We are born into this world to grow, to move, to change, to be whoever we want to be. We are a summation of everything we experience, all the things we see, and all the people we meet. Everything our bodies, our souls, our hearts touch, we are.

To limit myself inside a box created for me, or worse a box I created for myself, is my greatest fear. So I learned to travel despite the many excuses, reasons, and circumstances to not go.

I learned to leave. I learned to get lost. I learned to come home. Then did it over and over again.

Traveling is not a solution to anything, whether it’s heartbreak or a loss and it’s not always fun. That’s the beauty of it. It builds you, breaks you, and re-creates you, as does life.

So here we are. Here are some fleeting thoughts and a few of my memories about souls I met during my travels. I hope you get out there and make some for yourself. I hope that it triggers a thing or two in you.

Inspiration of the Book

Travel Anyway is a collection of photos, thoughts, and musings I wrote during my travels.  It has taught me a lot- about different places, different cultures, different people and more about myself. I needed an outlet and it all culminated during my trip in France and Italy last 2016. I got my pen and started to write. Places have their own distinct smell and each road, street or even just a restaurant makes you feel something. Sometimes they trigger a memory or sometimes it paints a blank space. Most of the time, it feels good. People you meet along the way reminds you of those back home. Each time you step into a new place and meet new people it changes you, little by little. You are never the same person when you go home and maybe that’s what you need. I hope my words and travels inspire you to find your journey and start it.Feel free to follow / tag me in Instagram @travelanyway and use the hashtag #travelanyway so I can repost too!

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1 review for Travel Anyway Ebook

  1. Amrutha

    Many a times I start reading a book and forget it midway, but Travel Anyway was one book that I actually finished reading and was left wanting more. The desire to read was not only because of the words, but because of the journey of emotions. I connected to the feelings of the words, to the hope and pain of brutal honesty and to the undying thirst of wanting to experience and learn more. I connected not to a single word, or a single sentence or a single poem, but to the culmination of them all in the book – Travel Anyway.

    • travelanyway (verified owner)

      thank you!

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