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Travel Anyway is a mix of more than 100 poems and essays about travel, love, and life. Carefully selected travel photos accompanied by words that try to encapsulate the fleeting moments and memories of a 4 year journey across Asia and Europe.

This is the e-book version in pdf format that you can save in your phone, tablet, or laptop for easier reading.



Travel Anyway is a collection of travels from Asia to Europe wrapped around in photos, poetry, and essays. It aims to make sense of our human need to articulate our emotions and our experiences in the hopes of learning from it. Each poem and essay deals with the nuances and chaos of traveling, while carefully navigating the complexities of human emotions that come with it. Wherever you are, the photos and words will surely take you on a rollercoaster ride.

Traveling is not a solution to anything, whether it’s a heartbreak or a loss of a loved one and it’s not always fun. That’s the beauty of it. It builds you, breaks you, and re-creates you, as does life. For whatever reason or excuse you have, go and travel anyway!

1 review for Travel Anyway (eBook)

  1. Amrutha

    Many a times I start reading a book and forget it midway, but Travel Anyway was one book that I actually finished reading and was left wanting more. The desire to read was not only because of the words, but because of the journey of emotions. I connected to the feelings of the words, to the hope and pain of brutal honesty and to the undying thirst of wanting to experience and learn more. I connected not to a single word, or a single sentence or a single poem, but to the culmination of them all in the book – Travel Anyway.

    • travelanyway (verified owner)

      thank you!

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