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What is Travel Anyway?

We are born into this world to grow, to move, to change, to be whoever we want to be. We are a summation of everything we experience, all the things we see, and all the people we meet. Everything our bodies, our souls, our hearts touch, we are.

To limit myself inside a box created for me, or worse a box I created for myself, is my greatest fear. So I learned to travel despite the many excuses, reasons, and circumstances to not go.

I learned to leave. I learned to get lost. I learned to come home. Then did it over and over again.

Traveling is not a solution to anything, whether it’s heartbreak or a loss and it’s not always fun. That’s the beauty of it. It builds you, breaks you, and re-creates you, as does life.

So here we are. Here are some fleeting thoughts and a few of my memories about souls I met during my travels. I hope you get out there and make some for yourself. I hope that it triggers a thing or two in you.

Inspiration of the Book

Travel Anyway is a collection of photos, thoughts, and musings I wrote during my travels.  It has taught me a lot- about different places, different cultures, different people and more about myself. I needed an outlet and it all culminated during my trip in France and Italy last 2016. I got my pen and started to write. Places have their own distinct smell and each road, street or even just a restaurant makes you feel something. Sometimes they trigger a memory or sometimes it paints a blank space. Most of the time, it feels good. People you meet along the way reminds you of those back home. Each time you step into a new place and meet new people it changes you, little by little. You are never the same person when you go home and maybe that’s what you need. I hope my words and travels inspire you to find your journey and start it.Feel free to follow / tag me in Instagram @travelanyway and use the hashtag #travelanyway so I can repost too!

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10 reviews for Travel Anyway Print

  1. Amelia

    I loved the honesty and Len’s sharing of love lost and travels in foreign lands. I’m also inspired by the story behind this book – self published and now in its second edition. Congratulations!

    • travelanyway

      Thank you Amelia! This means so much. 🙂

  2. Deepika

    Beautiful illustrations accompanied with simple yet deep and thoughtful words. Very touching and inspiring! Kudos to the author for excellent curation. Highly recommend it to everyone especially those who are passionate about travel or want to get inspired to travel!

  3. Jowie

    We’re all in the pursuit of a life well lived and Len gives us a glimpse of how to experience this in traveling. The book’s charm lies in the raw anecdotes that feel unexpectedly but strongly familiar. Makes you thirst for more experiences, more love, more risks, more travel! 🙂 For me, best read randomly. Surprise yourself what resonates 🙂

    • travelanyway

      thank you Jowie for the kind words and I am grateful that my word resonates with yours!

  4. Sara

    The kind of books that makes you travel around the world without even moving from your room ! the author does not only have a gift in poetry but she is also a very good photographer. I wish you all the success Allenie ! Waiting for your next book 🙂

  5. Azra Aya

    Reading Len’s book reminded me of how rich we are with experiences we had, travels we did and people we met. How we are all strangers but yet connected in pursuit of our own art and passions. As it did to me, this book will remind you of your itchy feet to enrich yourself more and fulfil your urge of discovering magnificent places that make great memories.

    • travelanyway

      Thank you Azra! 🙂 I hope to visit Boznia soon!

  6. AE

    This book beautifully and artfully captures the all-too-human tensions and internal battles we all face. The poems are deceptively complex and brimming with sharp emotion. I felt the poignant cut of some, and the stubborn, relentless passion of others. Told from the perspective of the ever-curious traveler, Travel Anyway challenged me to honestly ask myself the difficult questions I know I’ve been avoiding. But despite often confronting uncomfortable topics like death and heartbreak head on, there is an unquestionable thread of hope and strength throughout the book that leaves the reader with the motivation to always go on, and to never stop exploring.

  7. Joanna

    The photographs to the poetry of Len are the kind of rich content that take down the illusion of places, making them real. What I love most about this book is how openly human experience is brought to the fore and how there was tender relatable content. The book reminded me of the pleasure of being in another place and how that enriches a sense of self and the world. It’s also inspiring in the way that, it’s a lot about moving forward.

  8. Vedant

    Allenie has used travel as a theme to deliver a range of emotions.

    In our busy and sometimes monotonous days, we sometimes forget to connect with our own selves. My take away from the poems is to stop and smell the flowers in our journey of life 🙂

    Travel anyway is a book you should read anyway!

  9. Cat (verified owner)

    I’m halfway thru the book. Love the graphics.,the way the book was designed. At times, I grin to myself with “kilig” cause of the book. I feel like I’ve known Len more thru this book. Looking forwards to more books in the future, I hope?! 😊

  10. Carmencita

    This book gives you all the feels and not just in matters concerning travel. It’s the kind of book that’s enlightening, gut-wrenching, and inspiring. Whatever you’re going through, you’ll surely find a poem you can relate to . The images combined perfectly with the poems would also move you to pack your bags and go on a trip for some soul-searching or even just a breather away from all the hustle and bustle ..

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